Friday, June 30, 2006

HPV Vaccine for all Girls ages 11 and Up

A unanimous vote occurred yesterday from the federal vaccine advisory panel that the vaccine Gardasil is to be recommended to girls and women ages 11 to 26. In numerous clinical studies and trials, Gardasil, HPV vaccine has been found to prevent strains that could later lead to cervical pre-cancer cells. Click here for Gardasil HPV Vaccine Reduced Infection and Disease in New Clinical Study. Cervical cancer is the 11th most common cancer among women in the US; an estimated 9,710 new cases will occur in 2006 and about 3,700 women will die. This vaccine has promising results to reduce this mortality among women but the greatest problem is the high cost. The vaccine costs $360 for three shots and it is the most expensive vaccine ever. With the outrageous price of this vaccine, there is no way that this will target the poorer population. What is the point of having a cure and being unable to afford it? It just means that the pharmaceutical company holds your life in their hands. There has been talk about the government picking up the cost of this vaccination or making it mandatory for the greater good of the public. But the government would have to make some kind of negotiation with Merck pharmaceuticals to make this vaccine more attainable to the general public and the poor.


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