Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Truth and Myth of HBV

Hepatitis B can be inherited because several generations in one family may be infected.
TRUTH: The truth is that hepatitis B is not a genetic disease. Newborns are usually affected from a mother that passes the virus during delivery. Normally babies and children are more likely to develop a chronic hepatitis B infection because their young immune systems have trouble getting rid of the virus.

Hepatitis B can be caused by drinking

TRUTH: There is no direct correlation that drinking causes hepatitis B. Alcohol will stress the liver while it continues to fight HBV. The body’s natural defenses will not be able to fight HBV because the drugs may not work as well. Drinking exacerbates the problem but is not a direct cause and effect relationship.

Hepatitis B is often referred to as a “silent infection.”

WHY? Most people that are infected do not display any signs or symptoms when they are first infected. Some people have flu-like symptoms which are often ignored. Others complain of being tired, don’t feel like eating, have an upset stomach, or complain about joint pain. Hepatitis B is able to cleverly mask itself as other issues.


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