Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Where is it safe to BIKE in NYC?

New York City's public transportation is great and even better for me because I hate to drive. I don't mind someone driving me around but I'm not suited for being behind the wheel. Although, I have thought that a bicycle would be better suited for me to get around the city instead of my usual few miles that I walk everyday. The problem is that I've been hearing so many bad stories about Bicyclist accidents and injuries. Just today in the New York Times in the article "A Path Perfect for Cyclists, Except Where It Crosses Drivers' Paths," Thomas Lueck raises the same question, where is it safe to bike in New York City? Just yesterday, a "Bicyclist Falls Under Truck and Is Killed" The victim that died after a truck towed him under his wheels was a graduate student at the School of Visual Arts. This really strikes me hard because he's the same age as me and a grad student. It almost seems like a reflection or a sign telling me to stay away from the bike. I believe in subtle signs and if this isn't clear enough for me than I don't know what is.

Maybe I'm being a WIMP. What do you think? Do you believe in signs? Is this a sign for me to stay off the bike and stick to walking?


At 2:48 PM, Blogger Tucopup said...

The City still has bike lanes and the Park is very bike friendly. However, bikes and cars and truck have a hard time following the rules.

Bike on Sunday,take mass transit other days, and nothing spells safe like a stationary cycle.

At 2:53 PM, Blogger Kate Gase said...

I am an avid biker and have been paying close attention to these stories. I have had friends calling to warn me to be careful. The scariest part for me is that one of these people was riding on a protected path!

However, historically bike accidents, injuries, and fatalities are at their highest in the early summer months. One reason for this is simply more people are riding during this time. Also, when the weather is nice people who don't ride often are out on the streets.

In many cases, bike riders feel exempt from traffic laws. Truth be told, many of these accidents could be avoided if bikers followed all traffic rules and used some common sense. On a weekend ride up to Nyack, I actually got a ticket for 'rolling' through a stop sign and not coming to a complete stop. The police officer nicely reminded me that I too need to obey all traffic laws for my safety and the safety of others. So, with my pocket $50 lighter, I learned my lesson.

It's not often in NYC that you see anyone getting a traffic ticket (despite laws being broken at every intersection), let alone a biker.

Safe riding!

At 3:21 PM, Blogger Liudmila said...

I believe in signs. But I do not know if this is a sign for you. It is important to be careful and pay attention while driving. According to the statistics the first summer months have the highiest rates of variuos accidents, because people are relaxed and had a break from a bike for some time.

At 4:15 PM, Blogger soukphpb said...

Thanks for the advice and also support to motivate me to get on a bike and be safe.


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